XRootD Collaboration Meeting held at CERN 12-June-2014


Discussion Topics

Release 4.0.1

This is the first bug-fix release for Release 4. We are planning on issuing a bug fix in 3 to 4 weeks. As of now only two minor bugs have been found and both have bypasses.

Release 4.1.0

This is the next feature release for Release 4. It will include:

It is scheduled for September.


This requires supplying public header versions of the private headers used by EOS. We plan to use a wrapping technique that essentially hides the private implementation so that we are not boxed in regarding changing ostensibly private code. This may be included in 4.1.0, or earlier, depending on the EOS schedule.

The xrootd.org Domain Name

The domain name registration and DNS entry ownership will switch from Dirk to Andrew.

XRoorD Workshop

We are tentatively planning to hold a three day workshop in San Diego the second or third week of January, 2015. The focus of the workshop is to teach people about XRootD features, why you would use a particular feature, how to configure and deploy the feature, tuning options, debugging deployment issues. For any particular feature a person should have the capability to do a full deployment. The initial list we came up with includes: