XRootD Collaboration Meeting held at CERN 21-September-2016


Discussion Topics

Current Activities

Active Development

Planned Development (near term)

Planned Development (long term)

Development Discussion

We discussed priorities on this long list of activities. While overall priorities have not been set, the top items in priority order are:

The next release, 4.5, is largely driven by proxy cache availability and request signing and will be produced when one or the other is done. The extreme copy may have to wait for request signing.

Miscellaneous Discussion

There was a discussion on what to do with our own version of semaphores necessitated by the broken implementation in Linux. That implementation was fixed in Linux 2.18. Unfortunately, this is not available for RHEL releases. We may have to if-def a patch to use the fixed version or our version depending on the target compilation. The driving issue is that our version has some problems that should be fixed in 2.18.

There was some discussion on extending proxy delegation to work for more than third-party copy. For multi-tenant sites as well as for overall completeness it would be good if proxy servers used certificate delegation for all operations. We agreed that this was a good idea and will investigate on how we could implement it.

XRootD WorkShop

The workshop will be held Novenber 8-10, 2016 at ICEPP, Tokyo. The url is: https://indico.cern.ch/event/523410/