XrdOssDefaultSS.hh File Reference
#include "XrdVersion.hh"
#include "XrdOss/XrdOss.hh"
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XrdOssXrdOssDefaultSS (XrdSysLogger *logger, const char *cfg_fn, XrdVersionInfo &urVer)

Function Documentation

XrdOss* XrdOssDefaultSS ( XrdSysLogger logger,
const char *  cfg_fn,
XrdVersionInfo &  urVer 

Get the default Storage System object.

Include this file in your code to declare the external function that obtains a default version of the XrdOss object; then simply invoke it.

loggerthe address of the logging object to direct messages.
cfg_fnthe address of the configuration file path.
urVerthe version string associated with your code. This is generated by the XrdVERSIONINFODEF macro and can be found in XrdVersion.hh include file. You must supply a compatible version identification string.
XrdOss pointer to a default configured storage system object. 0 a storage system object could not be created because of configration problems or your version is incompatible.