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XrdOucCache.hh File Reference
#include <cerrno>
#include <cstdint>
#include <vector>
#include "XrdOuc/XrdOucCacheStats.hh"
#include "XrdOuc/XrdOucIOVec.hh"
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class  XrdOucCacheIOCB
class  XrdOucCacheIOCD
class  XrdOucCacheIO
struct  XrdOucCacheIO::aprParms
class  XrdOucCache


typedef XrdOucCache *(* XrdOucCache_t) (XrdSysLogger *Logger, const char *Config, const char *Parms, XrdOucEnv *envP)

Typedef Documentation

◆ XrdOucCache_t

typedef XrdOucCache *(* XrdOucCache_t) (XrdSysLogger *Logger, const char *Config, const char *Parms, XrdOucEnv *envP)

Your cache plug-in must exist in a shared library and have the following extern C function defined whose parameters are:

LoggerPointer to the logger object that should be used with an instance of XrdSysError to direct messages to a log file. If Logger is null, you should use std::cerr to output messages.
ConfigPointer to the configuration file name from where you should get additional information. If Config is null, there is no configuration file is present.
ParmsPointer to any parameters specified after the shared library path. If Parms is null, there are no parameters.
envPPointer to environmental information. The most relevant is whether or not gStream monitoring is enabled.
XrdXrootdGStream *gStream = (XrddXrootdGStream *)
Definition XrdXrootdGStream.hh:44
A usable, fully configured, instance of an XrdOucCache object upon success and a null pointer otherwise. This instance is used for all operations defined by methods in XrdOucCache base class.
extern "C"
XrdOucCache *XrdOucGetCache(XrdSysLogger *Logger, // Where messages go
const char *Config, // Config file used
const char *Parms, // Optional parm string
XrdOucEnv *envP); // Optional environment
Definition XrdOucCache.hh:495
Definition XrdOucEnv.hh:42
Definition XrdSysLogger.hh:53

Declare compilation version.

Additionally, you should declare the xrootd version you used to compile your plug-in. Declare it as shown below.

#include "XrdVersion.hh"

where <name> is a 1- to 15-character unquoted name identifying your plugin.