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XrdXrootdMonData.hh File Reference
#include "XProtocol/XPtypes.hh"
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struct  XrdXrootdMonHeader
struct  XrdXrootdMonTrace
struct  XrdXrootdMonBuff
struct  XrdXrootdMonRedir
struct  XrdXrootdMonBurr
struct  XrdXrootdMonMap
struct  XrdXrootdMonFileHdr
struct  XrdXrootdMonFileTOD
struct  XrdXrootdMonFileLFN
struct  XrdXrootdMonFileOPN
struct  XrdXrootdMonStatOPS
union  XrdXrootdMonDouble
struct  XrdXrootdMonStatSSQ
struct  XrdXrootdMonStatXFR
struct  XrdXrootdMonFileCLS
struct  XrdXrootdMonFileDSC
struct  XrdXrootdMonFileXFR


const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_APPID = 0xa0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_CLOSE = 0xc0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_DISC = 0xd0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_OPEN = 0x80
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_READV = 0x90
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_READU = 0x91
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_REDHOST = 0xf0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_WINDOW = 0xe0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPIDNT = '='
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPPATH = 'd'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPFSTA = 'f'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPINFO = 'i'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPMIGR = 'm'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPPURG = 'p'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPREDR = 'r'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPSTAG = 's'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPTRCE = 't'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPUSER = 'u'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPXFER = 'x'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_REDSID = 0xf0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_REDTIME = 0x00
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_REDIRECT = 0x80
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_REDLOCAL = 0x90
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_CHMOD = 0x01
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_LOCATE = 0x02
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_OPENDIR = 0x03
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_OPENC = 0x04
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_OPENR = 0x05
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_OPENW = 0x06
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MKDIR = 0x07
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MV = 0x08
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_PREP = 0x09
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_QUERY = 0x0a
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_RM = 0x0b
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_RMDIR = 0x0c
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_STAT = 0x0d
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_TRUNC = 0x0e
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_FORCED = 0x01
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_BOUNDP = 0x02
const int XROOTD_MON_REDMASK = 0x00000ff
const int XROOTD_MON_SRCMASK = 0x000000f
const int XROOTD_MON_TRGMASK = 0x7fffff0
const int XROOTD_MON_NEWSTID = 0x8000000

Variable Documentation

const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_APPID = 0xa0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_BOUNDP = 0x02
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_CHMOD = 0x01
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_CLOSE = 0xc0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_DISC = 0xd0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_FORCED = 0x01
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_LOCATE = 0x02
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPFSTA = 'f'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPIDNT = '='
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPINFO = 'i'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPMIGR = 'm'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPPATH = 'd'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPPURG = 'p'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPREDR = 'r'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPSTAG = 's'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPTRCE = 't'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPUSER = 'u'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MAPXFER = 'x'
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MKDIR = 0x07
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_MV = 0x08
const int XROOTD_MON_NEWSTID = 0x8000000
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_OPEN = 0x80
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_OPENC = 0x04
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_OPENDIR = 0x03
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_OPENR = 0x05
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_OPENW = 0x06
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_PREP = 0x09
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_QUERY = 0x0a
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_READU = 0x91
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_READV = 0x90
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_REDHOST = 0xf0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_REDIRECT = 0x80
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_REDLOCAL = 0x90
const int XROOTD_MON_REDMASK = 0x00000ff
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_REDSID = 0xf0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_REDTIME = 0x00
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_RM = 0x0b
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_RMDIR = 0x0c
const int XROOTD_MON_SRCMASK = 0x000000f
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_STAT = 0x0d
const int XROOTD_MON_TRGMASK = 0x7fffff0
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_TRUNC = 0x0e
const kXR_char XROOTD_MON_WINDOW = 0xe0