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XrdCl::CopyProcess Class Reference

Copy the data from one point to another. More...

#include <XrdClCopyProcess.hh>

Public Member Functions

 CopyProcess ()
virtual ~CopyProcess ()
XRootDStatus AddJob (const PropertyList &properties, PropertyList *results)
XRootDStatus Prepare ()
XRootDStatus Run (CopyProgressHandler *handler)
 Run the copy jobs.

Private Member Functions

void CleanUpJobs ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void MarkTPC (PropertyList &properties)
 Mark the URLs in the property list as ment for TPC.

Private Attributes

CopyProcessImpl * pImpl
 Pointer to implementation.

Detailed Description

Copy the data from one point to another.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CopyProcess()

XrdCl::CopyProcess::CopyProcess ( )


◆ ~CopyProcess()

virtual XrdCl::CopyProcess::~CopyProcess ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ AddJob()

XRootDStatus XrdCl::CopyProcess::AddJob ( const PropertyList properties,
PropertyList results 

Add job

propertiesjob configuration parameters
resultsplaceholder for the results

Configuration properties: source [string] - original source URL target [string] - target directory or file sourceLimit [uint16_t] - maximum number sources force [bool] - overwrite target if exists posc [bool] - persistify only on successful close coerce [bool] - ignore locking semantics on destination makeDir [bool] - create path to the file if it doesn't exist thirdParty [string] - "first" try third party copy, if it fails try normal copy; "only" only try third party copy checkSumMode [string] - "none" - no checksumming "end2end" - end to end checksumming "source" - calculate checksum at source "target" - calculate checksum at target checkSumType [string] - type of the checksum to be used checkSumPreset [string] - checksum preset chunkSize [uint32_t] - size of a copy chunks in bytes parallelChunks [uint8_t] - number of chunks that should be requested in parallel initTimeout [uint16_t] - time limit for successfull initialization of the copy job tpcTimeout [uint16_t] - time limit for the actual copy to finish dynamicSource [bool] - support for the case where the size source file may change during reading process

Configuration job - this is a job that that is supposed to configure the copy process as a whole instead of adding a copy job:

jobType [string] - "configuration" - for configuraion parallel [uint8_t] - nomber of copy jobs to be run in parallel

Results: sourceCheckSum [string] - checksum at source, if requested targetCheckSum [string] - checksum at target, if requested size [uint64_t] - file size status [XRootDStatus] - status of the copy operation sources [vector<string>] - all sources used realTarget [string] - the actual disk server target

◆ CleanUpJobs()

void XrdCl::CopyProcess::CleanUpJobs ( )

◆ MarkTPC()

static void XrdCl::CopyProcess::MarkTPC ( PropertyList properties)

◆ Prepare()

XRootDStatus XrdCl::CopyProcess::Prepare ( )

◆ Run()

XRootDStatus XrdCl::CopyProcess::Run ( CopyProgressHandler handler)

Run the copy jobs.

Member Data Documentation

◆ pImpl

CopyProcessImpl* XrdCl::CopyProcess::pImpl

Pointer to implementation.

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