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XrdOucCacheIOCB Class Referenceabstract

#include <XrdOucCache.hh>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void Done (int result)=0
 XrdOucCacheIOCB ()
virtual ~XrdOucCacheIOCB ()

Detailed Description

The XrdOucCacheIOCB defines a callback object that must be used to handle asynchronous I/O operations.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XrdOucCacheIOCB()

XrdOucCacheIOCB::XrdOucCacheIOCB ( )

◆ ~XrdOucCacheIOCB()

virtual XrdOucCacheIOCB::~XrdOucCacheIOCB ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Done()

virtual void XrdOucCacheIOCB::Done ( int  result)
pure virtual

Handle result from a previous async operation.

resultis result from a previous operation. Successful results are always values >= 0 while errors are negative values and are always '-errno' indicate the reason for the error.

Implemented in XrdPosixCallBackIO, XrdPfc::BlockResponseHandler, XrdPfc::DirectResponseHandler, and XrdPfc::IO::ReadReqRHCond.

Referenced by XrdPosixFileRH::DoIt(), XrdOucCacheIO::pgRead(), XrdOucCacheIO::pgWrite(), XrdOucCacheIO::Read(), XrdPosixPrepIO::Read(), XrdOucCacheIO::ReadV(), XrdPosixPrepIO::ReadV(), XrdOucCacheIO::Sync(), XrdPosixPrepIO::Sync(), XrdOucCacheIO::Trunc(), XrdOucCacheIO::Write(), XrdPosixPrepIO::Write(), and XrdOucCacheIO::WriteV().

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