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XrdSysError Class Reference

#include <XrdSysError.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 XrdSysError (XrdSysLogger *lp, const char *ErrPrefix="sys")
 ~XrdSysError ()
int baseFD ()
int Emsg (const char *esfx, int ecode, const char *text1, const char *text2=0)
void Emsg (const char *esfx, const char *text1, const char *text2=0, const char *text3=0)
void Log (int mask, const char *esfx, const char *text1, const char *text2=0, const char *text3=0)
XrdSysLoggerlogger (XrdSysLogger *lp=0)
void Say (const char *text1, const char *text2=0, const char *txt3=0, const char *text4=0, const char *text5=0, const char *txt6=0)
void setMsgMask (int mask)
int getMsgMask ()
const char * SetPrefix (const char *prefix)
void TBeg (const char *txt1=0, const char *txt2=0, const char *txt3=0)
void TEnd ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void addTable (XrdSysError_Table *etp)
static char * ec2text (int ecode)

Private Attributes

const char * epfx
int epfxlen
int msgMask

Static Private Attributes

static XrdSysError_Tableetab

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XrdSysError::XrdSysError ( XrdSysLogger lp,
const char *  ErrPrefix = "sys" 

References SetPrefix().

XrdSysError::~XrdSysError ( )

Member Function Documentation

static void XrdSysError::addTable ( XrdSysError_Table etp)

References etab, and XrdSysError_Table::next.

int XrdSysError::baseFD ( )
static char* XrdSysError::ec2text ( int  ecode)
int XrdSysError::Emsg ( const char *  esfx,
int  ecode,
const char *  text1,
const char *  text2 = 0 

Referenced by Log().

void XrdSysError::Emsg ( const char *  esfx,
const char *  text1,
const char *  text2 = 0,
const char *  text3 = 0 
int XrdSysError::getMsgMask ( )

References msgMask.

void XrdSysError::Log ( int  mask,
const char *  esfx,
const char *  text1,
const char *  text2 = 0,
const char *  text3 = 0 

References Emsg(), and msgMask.

XrdSysLogger* XrdSysError::logger ( XrdSysLogger lp = 0)

References Logger.

void XrdSysError::Say ( const char *  text1,
const char *  text2 = 0,
const char *  txt3 = 0,
const char *  text4 = 0,
const char *  text5 = 0,
const char *  txt6 = 0 
void XrdSysError::setMsgMask ( int  mask)

References msgMask.

const char* XrdSysError::SetPrefix ( const char *  prefix)

References epfx, and epfxlen.

Referenced by XrdSysError().

void XrdSysError::TBeg ( const char *  txt1 = 0,
const char *  txt2 = 0,
const char *  txt3 = 0 

Referenced by XrdOucTrace::Beg().

void XrdSysError::TEnd ( )

Referenced by XrdOucTrace::End().

Member Data Documentation

const char* XrdSysError::epfx

Referenced by SetPrefix().

int XrdSysError::epfxlen

Referenced by SetPrefix().

XrdSysError_Table* XrdSysError::etab

Referenced by addTable().

XrdSysLogger* XrdSysError::Logger

Referenced by logger().

int XrdSysError::msgMask

Referenced by getMsgMask(), Log(), and setMsgMask().

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