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XrdOucEI Struct Reference

#include <XrdOucErrInfo.hh>

Public Member Functions

void clear (const char *usr=0, int uc=0)
 ucap: Client is on a private net More...
XrdOucEIoperator= (const XrdOucEI &rhs)
 XrdOucEI (const char *usr, int uc=0)

Public Attributes

const char * user
int ucap
int code
char message [Max_Error_Len]

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t Max_Error_Len = 2048
static const int Path_Offset = 1024
static const int uVMask = 0x0000ffff
static const int uAsync = 0x80000000
 ucap: Extract protocol version More...
static const int uUrlOK = 0x40000000
 ucap: Supports async responses More...
static const int uMProt = 0x20000000
 ucap: Supports url redirects More...
static const int uReadR = 0x10000000
 ucap: Supports multiple protocols More...
static const int uIPv4 = 0x08000000
 ucap: Supports read redirects More...
static const int uIPv64 = 0x04000000
 ucap: Supports only IPv4 info More...
static const int uPrip = 0x02000000

Detailed Description

The XrdOucEI struct encapsulates error information. It uses a fixed buffer for message text and tracing information. It also allows extended information to be recorded in an appendage. It cannot be directly used.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XrdOucEI::XrdOucEI ( const char *  usr,
int  uc = 0 

References clear().

Member Function Documentation

void XrdOucEI::clear ( const char *  usr = 0,
int  uc = 0 

ucap: Client is on a private net

References code, message, ucap, and user.

Referenced by XrdOucErrInfo::clear(), and XrdOucEI().

XrdOucEI& XrdOucEI::operator= ( const XrdOucEI rhs)

References code, message, ucap, and user.

Member Data Documentation

int XrdOucEI::code
const size_t XrdOucEI::Max_Error_Len = 2048
char XrdOucEI::message[Max_Error_Len]
const int XrdOucEI::Path_Offset = 1024
const int XrdOucEI::uAsync = 0x80000000

ucap: Extract protocol version

int XrdOucEI::ucap
const int XrdOucEI::uIPv4 = 0x08000000

ucap: Supports read redirects

const int XrdOucEI::uIPv64 = 0x04000000

ucap: Supports only IPv4 info

const int XrdOucEI::uMProt = 0x20000000

ucap: Supports url redirects

const int XrdOucEI::uPrip = 0x02000000

ucap: Supports IPv6|IPv4 info and uIPv4 says IPv4 is prefered

const int XrdOucEI::uReadR = 0x10000000

ucap: Supports multiple protocols

const char* XrdOucEI::user
const int XrdOucEI::uUrlOK = 0x40000000

ucap: Supports async responses

const int XrdOucEI::uVMask = 0x0000ffff

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