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ClientRequest Union Reference

#include <XProtocol.hh>

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Public Attributes

struct ClientRequestHdr header
struct ClientAuthRequest auth
struct ClientBindRequest bind
struct ClientChkPointRequest chkpoint
struct ClientChmodRequest chmod
struct ClientCloseRequest close
struct ClientDirlistRequest dirlist
struct ClientEndsessRequest endsess
struct ClientFattrRequest fattr
struct ClientGPfileRequest gpfile
struct ClientLocateRequest locate
struct ClientLoginRequest login
struct ClientMkdirRequest mkdir
struct ClientMvRequest mv
struct ClientOpenRequest open
struct ClientPgReadRequest pgread
struct ClientPgWriteRequest pgwrite
struct ClientPingRequest ping
struct ClientPrepareRequest prepare
struct ClientProtocolRequest protocol
struct ClientQueryRequest query
struct ClientReadRequest read
struct ClientReadVRequest readv
struct ClientRmRequest rm
struct ClientRmdirRequest rmdir
struct ClientSetRequest set
struct ClientSigverRequest sigver
struct ClientStatRequest stat
struct ClientSyncRequest sync
struct ClientTruncateRequest truncate
struct ClientWriteRequest write
struct ClientWriteVRequest writev

Member Data Documentation

◆ auth

struct ClientAuthRequest ClientRequest::auth

◆ bind

struct ClientBindRequest ClientRequest::bind

◆ chkpoint

struct ClientChkPointRequest ClientRequest::chkpoint

◆ chmod

struct ClientChmodRequest ClientRequest::chmod

◆ close

struct ClientCloseRequest ClientRequest::close

◆ dirlist

struct ClientDirlistRequest ClientRequest::dirlist

◆ endsess

struct ClientEndsessRequest ClientRequest::endsess

◆ fattr

struct ClientFattrRequest ClientRequest::fattr

◆ gpfile

struct ClientGPfileRequest ClientRequest::gpfile

◆ header

struct ClientRequestHdr ClientRequest::header

◆ locate

struct ClientLocateRequest ClientRequest::locate

◆ login

struct ClientLoginRequest ClientRequest::login

◆ mkdir

struct ClientMkdirRequest ClientRequest::mkdir

◆ mv

struct ClientMvRequest ClientRequest::mv

◆ open

struct ClientOpenRequest ClientRequest::open

◆ pgread

struct ClientPgReadRequest ClientRequest::pgread

◆ pgwrite

struct ClientPgWriteRequest ClientRequest::pgwrite

◆ ping

struct ClientPingRequest ClientRequest::ping

◆ prepare

struct ClientPrepareRequest ClientRequest::prepare

◆ protocol

struct ClientProtocolRequest ClientRequest::protocol

◆ query

struct ClientQueryRequest ClientRequest::query

◆ read

struct ClientReadRequest ClientRequest::read

◆ readv

struct ClientReadVRequest ClientRequest::readv

◆ rm

struct ClientRmRequest ClientRequest::rm

◆ rmdir

struct ClientRmdirRequest ClientRequest::rmdir

◆ set

struct ClientSetRequest ClientRequest::set

◆ sigver

struct ClientSigverRequest ClientRequest::sigver

◆ stat

struct ClientStatRequest ClientRequest::stat

◆ sync

struct ClientSyncRequest ClientRequest::sync

◆ truncate

struct ClientTruncateRequest ClientRequest::truncate

◆ write

struct ClientWriteRequest ClientRequest::write

◆ writev

struct ClientWriteVRequest ClientRequest::writev

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