3. XRootD.client.CopyProcess: Copying files

3.1. Class Reference

class XRootD.client.CopyProcess

Add multiple individually-configurable copy jobs to a “copy process” and run them in parallel (yes, in parallel, because xrootd isn’t limited by the GIL.

3.1.1. Methods

CopyProcess.add_job(source, target, sourcelimit=1, force=False, posc=False, coerce=False, thirdparty=False, checksumprint=False, chunksize=4194304, parallelchunks=8)

Add a job to the copy process.

  • source (string) – original source URL
  • target (string) – target directory or file
  • sourcelimit (integer) – max number of download sources
  • force (boolean) – overwrite target if it exists
  • posc (boolean) – persist on successful close
  • coerce (boolean) – ignore file usage rules, i.e. apply FORCE flag to open()
  • thirdparty (boolean) – do third party copy if possible
  • checksumprint (boolean) – print checksum after the transfer
  • chunksize (integer) – chunk size for remote transfers
  • parallelchunks (integer) – number of chunks that should be requested in parallel

Prepare the copy jobs. Must be called before run().


Run the copy jobs.

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