5. XRootD.client.flags: Flags and constants

OpenFlags.NONE: Nothing
OpenFlags.DELETE: Open a new file, deleting any existing file
OpenFlags.FORCE: Ignore file usage rules
OpenFlags.NEW: Open the file only if it does not already exist
OpenFlags.READ: Open only for reading
OpenFlags.UPDATE: Open for reading and writing
OpenFlags.REFRESH: Refresh the cached information on file location. Voids NoWait.
OpenFlags.MAKEPATH: Create directory path if it doesn’t already exist
OpenFlags.APPEND: Open only for appending
OpenFlags.REPLICA: The file is being opened for replica creation
OpenFlags.POSC: Enable Persist On Successful Close processing
OpenFlags.NOWAIT: Open the file only if it does not cause a wait. For XRootD.client.FileSystem.locate() : provide a location as soon as one becomes known. This means that not all locations are necessarily returned. If the file does not exist a wait is still imposed.
OpenFlags.SEQIO: File will be read or written sequentially
MkDirFlags.NONE: Nothing special
MkDirFlags.MAKEPATH: Create the entire directory tree if it doesn’t exist
DirListFlags.NONE: Nothing special
DirListFlags.STAT: Stat each entry
DirListFlags.LOCATE: Locate all servers hosting the directory and send the dirlist request to all of them
PrepareFlags.STAGE: Stage the file to disk if it is not online
PrepareFlags.WRITEMODE: The file will be accessed for modification
PrepareFlags.COLOCATE: Co-locate staged files, if possible
PrepareFlags.FRESH: Refresh file access time even if the location is known
AccessMode.NONE: Default, no flags
AccessMode.UR: Owner readable
AccessMode.UW: Owner writable
AccessMode.UX: Owner executable/browsable
AccessMode.GR: Group readable
AccessMode.GW: Group writable
AccessMode.GX: Group executable/browsable
AccessMode.OR: World readable
AccessMode.OW: World writable
AccessMode.OX: World executable/browsable
QueryCode.STATS: Query server stats
QueryCode.PREPARE: Query prepare status
QueryCode.CHECKSUM: Query file checksum
QueryCode.XATTR: Query file extended attributes
QueryCode.SPACE: Query logical space stats
QueryCode.CHECKSUMCANCEL: Query file checksum cancellation
QueryCode.CONFIG: Query server configuration
QueryCode.VISA: Query file visa attributes
QueryCode.OPAQUE: Implementation dependent
QueryCode.OPAQUEFILE: Implementation dependent
HostTypes.IS_MANAGER: Manager
HostTypes.IS_SERVER: Data server
HostTypes.ATTR_META: Meta manager attribute
HostTypes.ATTR_PROXY: Proxy server attribute
HostTypes.ATTR_SUPER: Supervisor attribute
StatInfoFlags.X_BIT_SET: Executable/searchable bit set
StatInfoFlags.IS_DIR: This is a directory
StatInfoFlags.OTHER: Neither a file nor a directory
StatInfoFlags.OFFLINE: File is not online (ie. on disk)
StatInfoFlags.POSC_PENDING: File opened with POSC flag, not yet successfully closed
StatInfoFlags.IS_READABLE: Read access is allowed
StatInfoFlags.IS_WRITABLE: Write access is allowed

Describes the node type and file status for a given location. Used with the type attribute of XRootD.client.responses.LocationInfo.

LocationType.MANAGER_ONLINE: manager node where the file is online
LocationType.MANAGER_PENDING: manager node where the file is pending to be online
LocationType.SERVER_ONLINE: server node where the file is online
LocationType.SERVER_PENDING: server node where the file is pending to be online

Describes the allowed access type for the file at given location Used with the accesstype attribute of XRootD.client.responses.LocationInfo.

AccessType.READ: Read access is allowed
AccessType.READ_WRITE: Write access is allowed

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