XRootD Collaboration Meeting held at CERN 24-October-2012


Discussion Topics


We are now 3.2.5 next 3.2.6 rc-1 patch release is schedule for Wednesday, October 31st. All patch submitters must supply their list of patches that should be included in 3.2.6 prior to this time. There is still one outstanding patch (Certificate Cache Serialization) that is still in testing but should be available prior to this date. Fortunately, all of them for this cycle were at this meeting.

Relative to the root release, root 5.34.02 (currently out) and subsequent patch releases will still use the old client. Root 6.0.0 candidate release will be out 10/30 with a production release scheduled for 12/2. This happily coincides with the XRootD 3.3.0 release schedule.

Next minor release

The next minor release will be 3.3.0. There are approximately 700 patches outstanding for this release (about 450 related to the new client). The release candidate, 3.3.0-rc1 is scheduled for Friday, November 2nd. The new client will be available as code in development in this release. Generally, everything that is in git head will be in this release. Production release is scheduled for December 2nd.

The three most significant user changes in 3.3.0 are:

Next major release

The next major release, 4.0.0 is scheduled for the first part of March, 2013. It will minimally include:

Some significant user changes are:

EPEL conformance

Generally, all EPEL related concerns have been addressed for DPM, ROOT, EOS, and CMS. We now have a list of publicly supported API and a support statement on how those API will be treated across releases. This has been tentatively approved by EPEL This, we can be in compliance starting at release 3.3.0.

Action Item: LJ will touch bases with Doug Strain (OSG) on 3.3.0 for EPEL compliance and keep in touch with Mattias Ellert (the EPEL coordinator) to make sure we are on track.

The git repository

The new client is in github. However, the repositories will be merged for 3.3.0 but ABI compatibility will not be guaranteed for the new client until 4.0.0. The collaboration expressed passive interest (most neutral and 3 positive) to moving the repository to github. The positives are that better tools are available in github and that the project will receive more visibility. The move will occur {+|-} two weeks around 4.0.0.

Action Item: LJ will research the security implications of shared access (i.e. controlling writes) in github.

Automated testing

Justin Salmon finished the automatic development framework and developed some functionality tests which include:

Additional tests are needed, especially in testing performance retrogression. Some tests came from Doug Strain (OSG). In fact, we will encourage OSG involvement with the anticipation that they will adopt the automated test framework. In any case, we need more test programs from participants.

Action Item: ABH will ask Wei Yang and Doug Benjamin for test programs

Action Item: ABH will add Justin to xrootd-dev and obtains a SLAC account for him.

Software development for 6 months

While the following list seems short, given all the activity in producing the 4.0.0 release it should come as no surprise. So far we have: