Upgrade information


27-Jul-2018html pdfConfiguration File Syntax (4.9)
13-Jun-2021html pdfXrd/XRootD Configuration Reference (5.3)
22-Nov-2021html pdfXrd/XRootD Configuration Reference (5.4)
25-Jun-2021html pdfOpen File System & Open Storage System Configuration Reference (5.3)
30-Jul-2021html pdfOpen File System & Open Storage System Configuration Reference (5.4)
25-Jun-2021html pdfProxy Storage Services Configuration Reference (5.3)
13-jun-2021html pdfCluster Management Service Configuration Reference (5.3)
27-Jul-2021html pdfCluster Management Service Configuration Reference (5.4)
17-Feb-2021html pdfSecurity Configuration Reference (5.0)
06-Aug-2021html pdfSecurity Configuration Reference (5.4)
21-Dec-2018html pdfXRootD GSI Protocol Specification
20-Aug-2020html pdfSystem Monitoring Reference (5.1)
23-Jun-2020html pdfFile Residency Manager Reference (5.x)
11-Feb-2011html pdfMigrating to Extended Attribute Name and Data Spaces
15-Oct-2020html pdfXRootD Scalable Service Interface Reference V3 (5.0)
08-Mar-2019html pdfXRootD Client Configuration & API Reference (4.9)
02-Aug-2021html pdfXRootD Protocol Reference (Version 5.0.0)
13-Apr-2020html pdfXRootD Third Party Protocol Reference (TPC Version 2)
05-Dec-2013htmlDoxygen Docs
26-Apr-2012htmlPython Bindings

Man pages

xprep.1, xrd.1, xrdadler32.1, xrdcp.1, xrdcp-old.1, xrdfs.1, xrdgsiproxy.1, xrdstagetool.1, xrootdfs.1, cmsd.8, cns_ssi.8, frm_admin.8, frm_purged.8, frm_xfragent.8, frm_xfrd.8, mpxstats.8, XrdCnsd.8, xrdpwdadmin.8, xrdsssadmin.8, xrootd.8

Presentations and papers

14-Dec-2020pdfXRootD Roadmap (Workshop @ GSI, Darmstadt)
26-Nov-2019pdfUpdate on Xcache tests at LMU Munic (DOMA Access Meeting)
11-Jun-2019htmlXRootD Workshop @ CC-IN2P3, Lyon
08-Nov-2016htmlXRootD Workshop @ ICEPP, Tokyo
27-Jan-2015htmlXRootD Workshop @ UCSD
07-Nov-2014pptx pdfFuture of Data Federation (CMS Offline Week)
14-Jul-2014pptxXRootD Release 4 and Beyond (GSI Seminar)
03-Feb-2014pdfClient-side plug-ins (CERN IT-DSS R&D Meeting)
06-Aug-2013pptx pdfClustering mySQL via XRootD (Presentation at August LSST Review)
17-May-2013pptx pdfATLAS, XRootD, & GCE (Presentation at Google I/O 17-May-13)