XRootD Collaboration Meeting held at CERN 20-March-2013


Discussion Topics


The 3.3.1 release was two months late, so we should rethink the release schedule. Every six months would seem to be more realistic.

We generally support only the current minor release. We generally support the last minor release for one year after we produce a major release.

Next major release

The following items are planned for the 4.0.0 major release:

EPEL conformance

EPEL has created the RPMs for 3.3.1 and they are in the EPEL testing repository for EPEL5, EPEL6 and recent Fedora. They should be available in the EPEL stable repos soon.

The git repository

We are migrating to GitHub for source in the next few days and bug tracking before CERN moves to Jira.

VOMS plug-in

The updated VOMS RPM should be available by March 23rd. It is going to be separately released because it depends on the external VOMS library. It should go to OSG for US and EPEL for EU. We should touch bases with David Smith. This RPM will only available for 3.3.x.

Other items