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XrdHttpUtils.hh File Reference

Utility functions for XrdHTTP. More...

#include "XProtocol/XPtypes.hh"
#include "XrdSec/XrdSecEntity.hh"
#include "XrdOuc/XrdOucIOVec.hh"
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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typedef std::vector< XrdOucIOVec2XrdHttpIOList


int parseURL (char *url, char *host, int &port, char **path)
std::string itos (long i)
char * mystrchrnul (const char *s, int c)
void calcHashes (char *hash, const char *fn, kXR_int16 req, XrdSecEntity *secent, time_t tim, const char *key)
int compareHash (const char *h1, const char *h2)
bool Fromhexdigest (const unsigned char *input, int length, unsigned char *out)
void Tobase64 (const unsigned char *input, int length, char *out)
char * quote (const char *str)
char * unquote (char *str)
char * escapeXML (const char *str)

Detailed Description

Utility functions for XrdHTTP.

Fabrizio Furano
April 2013

Typedef Documentation

◆ XrdHttpIOList

typedef std::vector<XrdOucIOVec2> XrdHttpIOList

Function Documentation

◆ calcHashes()

void calcHashes ( char *  hash,
const char *  fn,
kXR_int16  req,
XrdSecEntity secent,
time_t  tim,
const char *  key 

◆ compareHash()

int compareHash ( const char *  h1,
const char *  h2 

◆ escapeXML()

char * escapeXML ( const char *  str)

◆ Fromhexdigest()

bool Fromhexdigest ( const unsigned char *  input,
int  length,
unsigned char *  out 

◆ itos()

std::string itos ( long  i)

◆ mystrchrnul()

char * mystrchrnul ( const char *  s,
int  c 

◆ parseURL()

int parseURL ( char *  url,
char *  host,
int &  port,
char **  path 

◆ quote()

char * quote ( const char *  str)

◆ Tobase64()

void Tobase64 ( const unsigned char *  input,
int  length,
char *  out 

◆ unquote()

char * unquote ( char *  str)