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XrdSecEntity.hh File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
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class  XrdSecEntity


#define XrdSecPROTOIDSIZE   8
#define XrdSecClientName   XrdSecEntity
#define XrdSecServerName   XrdSecEntity

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ XrdSecClientName

#define XrdSecClientName   XrdSecEntity


#define XrdSecPROTOIDSIZE   8

This object is returned during authentication. This is most relevant for client authentication unless mutual authentication has been implemented in which case the client can also authenticate the server. It is embeded in each security protocol object to facilitate mutual authentication. Note that the destructor does nothing and it is the responsibility of the security protocol object to delete the public XrdSecEntity data members.

Note: The host member contents are depdent on the dnr/nodnr setting and and contain a host name or an IP address. To get the real host name use addrInfo->Name(), this is required for any hostname comparisons.

◆ XrdSecServerName

#define XrdSecServerName   XrdSecEntity