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1#ifndef __XRDSECSERVER_H__
2#define __XRDSECSERVER_H__
4/* */
5/* X r d S e c S e r v e r . h h */
6/* */
7/* (c) 2005 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford, Jr., University */
8/* All Rights Reserved */
9/* Produced by Andrew Hanushevsky for Stanford University under contract */
10/* DE-AC02-76-SFO0515 with the Department of Energy */
11/* */
12/* This file is part of the XRootD software suite. */
13/* */
14/* XRootD is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under */
15/* the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the */
16/* Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your */
17/* option) any later version. */
18/* */
19/* XRootD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT */
20/* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or */
21/* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public */
22/* License for more details. */
23/* */
24/* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License */
25/* along with XRootD in a file called COPYING.LESSER (LGPL license) and file */
26/* COPYING (GPL license). If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */
27/* */
28/* The copyright holder's institutional names and contributor's names may not */
29/* be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without */
30/* specific prior written permission of the institution or contributor. */
33#include "XrdSys/XrdSysError.hh"
39class XrdSecPinInfo;
40class XrdSecProtBind;
41class XrdSecSecEntityPin;
42class XrdOucTrace;
43class XrdNetAddrInfo;
49const char *getParms(int &size, XrdNetAddrInfo *endPoint=0);
51// = 0 -> No protocol can be returned (einfo has the reason)
52// ! 0 -> Address of protocol object is bing returned.
54XrdSecProtocol *getProtocol(const char *host, // In
55 XrdNetAddrInfo &endPoint,// In
56 const XrdSecCredentials *cred, // In
57 XrdOucErrInfo &einfo); // Out
60 XrdOucErrInfo &einfo);
62int Configure(const char *cfn);
64const char *protTLS() {return PManager.protTLS();}
67 ~XrdSecServer() {} // Server is never deleted
73union {XrdSecPinInfo *pinInfo; XrdSecEntityPin *secEntityPin;};
75XrdSysError eDest; // Error message object
76const char *configFN; // -> Configuration file
77XrdOucTrace *SecTrace; // -> Tracing object
78XrdSecProtBind *bpFirst; // -> First bound protocol
79XrdSecProtBind *bpLast; // -> Last bound protocol
80XrdSecProtBind *bpDefault; // -> Default binding
81char *pidList; // -> List of colon separated defined protocols
82char *SToken; // -> Security token sent to client
83char *STBuff; // -> Buffer used to construct SToken
84int STBlen; // -> Length of the buffer
85bool Enforce; // True if binding must be enforced
86bool implauth; // True if host protocol is implicitly activated
88int add2token(XrdSysError &erp,char *,char **,int &,XrdSecPMask_t &);
89int ConfigFile(const char *cfn);
90int ConfigXeq(char *var, XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute);
92int xenlib(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute);
93int xlevel(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute);
94int xpbind(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute);
95int xpparm(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute);
96int xprot(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute);
97int xtrace(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute);
int XrdSecPMask_t
Definition XrdSecPManager.hh:42
Definition XrdNetAddrInfo.hh:54
Definition XrdOucErrInfo.hh:101
Definition XrdOucStream.hh:47
Definition XrdOucTrace.hh:36
Definition XrdSecEntityPin.hh:46
Definition XrdSecEntity.hh:65
Definition XrdSecPManager.hh:48
const char * protTLS()
Definition XrdSecPManager.hh:80
Definition XrdSecInterface.hh:131
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:46
char * SToken
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:82
const char * protTLS()
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:64
int STBlen
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:84
XrdSecProtocol * getProtocol(const char *host, XrdNetAddrInfo &endPoint, const XrdSecCredentials *cred, XrdOucErrInfo &einfo)
int xlevel(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute)
const char * getParms(int &size, XrdNetAddrInfo *endPoint=0)
XrdSecServer(XrdSysLogger *lp)
XrdSysError eDest
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:75
int Configure(const char *cfn)
int xtrace(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute)
XrdSecProtBind * bpLast
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:79
static XrdSecPManager PManager
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:71
int ConfigXeq(char *var, XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute)
XrdSecEntityPin * secEntityPin
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:73
int xpparm(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute)
int ProtBind_Complete(XrdSysError &Eroute)
int add2token(XrdSysError &erp, char *, char **, int &, XrdSecPMask_t &)
bool PostProcess(XrdSecEntity &entity, XrdOucErrInfo &einfo)
int xpbind(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute)
bool implauth
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:86
XrdSecProtBind * bpDefault
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:80
XrdSecProtBind * bpFirst
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:78
const char * configFN
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:76
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:67
bool Enforce
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:85
XrdSecPinInfo * pinInfo
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:73
int xenlib(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute)
XrdOucTrace * SecTrace
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:77
char * pidList
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:81
char * STBuff
Definition XrdSecServer.hh:83
int xprot(XrdOucStream &Config, XrdSysError &Eroute)
int ConfigFile(const char *cfn)
Definition XrdSecInterface.hh:554
Definition XrdSysError.hh:90
Definition XrdSysLogger.hh:53
Generic structure to pass security information back and forth.
Definition XrdSecInterface.hh:51