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XrdCl::Status Struct Reference

Procedure execution status. More...

#include <XrdClStatus.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 Status (uint16_t st=stOK, uint16_t cod=errNone, uint32_t errN=0)
bool IsError () const
bool IsFatal () const
 Fatal error.
bool IsOK () const
 We're fine.
int GetShellCode () const
 Get the status code that may be returned to the shell.
std::string ToString () const
 Create a string representation.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsSocketError (uint16_t code)

Public Attributes

uint16_t status
 Status of the execution.
uint16_t code
 Error type, or additional hints on what to do.
uint32_t errNo
 Errno, if any.

Detailed Description

Procedure execution status.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Status()

XrdCl::Status::Status ( uint16_t  st = stOK,
uint16_t  cod = errNone,
uint32_t  errN = 0 


Member Function Documentation

◆ GetShellCode()

int XrdCl::Status::GetShellCode ( ) const

Get the status code that may be returned to the shell.

References code, and IsOK().

◆ IsError()

bool XrdCl::Status::IsError ( ) const


References status, and XrdCl::stError.

◆ IsFatal()

bool XrdCl::Status::IsFatal ( ) const

Fatal error.

References status, and XrdCl::stFatal.

◆ IsOK()

bool XrdCl::Status::IsOK ( ) const

We're fine.

References status, and XrdCl::stOK.

Referenced by XrdCl::ZipCache::CallHandler(), XrdCl::EcHandler::Close(), XrdCl::MessageUtils::CreateXAttrBody(), XrdCl::ZipCache::Decompress(), XrdCl::ParallelOperation< HasHndl >::AllPolicy::Examine(), XrdCl::ParallelOperation< HasHndl >::AnyPolicy::Examine(), XrdCl::ParallelOperation< HasHndl >::SomePolicy::Examine(), XrdCl::ParallelOperation< HasHndl >::AtLeastPolicy::Examine(), XrdCl::Utils::GetProtocolVersion(), XrdCl::GetResponse(), GetShellCode(), XrdCl::EcPgReadResponseHandler::HandleResponse(), XrdCl::UnpackXAttrStatus::HandleResponse(), XrdCl::FutureWrapper< Response >::HandleResponse(), XrdCl::FutureWrapper< void >::HandleResponse(), XrdCl::ExOpenFuncWrapper::HandleResponseWithHosts(), XrdCl::EcHandler::LoadPlacement(), XrdCl::EcHandler::LoadPlacement(), XrdCl::ZipArchive::make_stat(), XrdCl::EcHandler::Open(), XrdCl::AsyncHSReader::Read(), XrdCl::AsyncMsgReader::Read(), XrdCl::AsyncRawReader::Read(), XrdCl::AsyncVectorReader::Read(), XrdCl::AsyncMsgReader::ReadAttnActnum(), XrdCl::AsyncRawReaderIntfc::ReadBytesAsync(), XrdEc::StrmWriter::global_status_t::report_wrt(), XrdCl::Operation< HasHndl >::Run(), XrdCl::SetXAttrImpl< HasHndl >::RunImpl(), XrdCl::GetXAttrImpl< HasHndl >::RunImpl(), XrdCl::DelXAttrImpl< HasHndl >::RunImpl(), XrdCl::SetXAttrFsImpl< HasHndl >::RunImpl(), XrdCl::GetXAttrFsImpl< HasHndl >::RunImpl(), XrdCl::DelXAttrFsImpl< HasHndl >::RunImpl(), XrdCl::OpenFileImpl< HasHndl >::RunImpl(), XrdCl::CloseFileImpl< HasHndl >::RunImpl(), XrdCl::ZipStatImpl< HasHndl >::RunImpl(), XrdCl::ZipListImpl< HasHndl >::RunImpl(), XrdCl::MessageUtils::WaitForResponse(), XrdCl::AsyncHSWriter::Write(), XrdCl::AsyncMsgWriter::Write(), and XrdCl::ZipCache::ZipCache().

◆ IsSocketError()

static bool XrdCl::Status::IsSocketError ( uint16_t  code)

References code.

◆ ToString()

std::string XrdCl::Status::ToString ( ) const

Create a string representation.

Referenced by XrdEc::IOError::operator=(), XrdCl::XRootDStatus::ToStr(), and XrdCl::Action::ToString().

Member Data Documentation

◆ code

uint16_t XrdCl::Status::code

◆ errNo

uint32_t XrdCl::Status::errNo

◆ status

uint16_t XrdCl::Status::status

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