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XrdEc::ObjCfg Struct Reference

#include <XrdEcObjCfg.hh>

Public Member Functions

 ObjCfg ()=delete
 ObjCfg (const std::string &obj, uint8_t nbdata, uint8_t nbparity, uint64_t chunksize, bool usecrc32c, bool nomtfile=false)
 ObjCfg (const ObjCfg &objcfg)
std::string GetDataUrl (size_t i) const
std::string GetMetadataUrl (size_t i) const
std::string GetFileName (size_t blknb, size_t strpnb) const

Public Attributes

const std::string obj
const uint8_t nbchunks
const uint8_t nbparity
const uint8_t nbdata
const uint64_t datasize
const uint64_t chunksize
const uint64_t paritysize
const uint64_t blksize
std::vector< std::string > plgr
std::vector< std::string > dtacgi
std::vector< std::string > mdtacgi
uint32_t(* digest )(uint32_t, void const *, size_t)
bool nomtfile

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ObjCfg() [1/3]

XrdEc::ObjCfg::ObjCfg ( )

◆ ObjCfg() [2/3]

XrdEc::ObjCfg::ObjCfg ( const std::string &  obj,
uint8_t  nbdata,
uint8_t  nbparity,
uint64_t  chunksize,
bool  usecrc32c,
bool  nomtfile = false 

References crc32c(), digest, and XrdEc::isal_crc32().

◆ ObjCfg() [3/3]

XrdEc::ObjCfg::ObjCfg ( const ObjCfg objcfg)

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDataUrl()

std::string XrdEc::ObjCfg::GetDataUrl ( size_t  i) const

References dtacgi, obj, and plgr.

◆ GetFileName()

std::string XrdEc::ObjCfg::GetFileName ( size_t  blknb,
size_t  strpnb 
) const

References XrdEc::ObjStr.

◆ GetMetadataUrl()

std::string XrdEc::ObjCfg::GetMetadataUrl ( size_t  i) const

References mdtacgi, obj, and plgr.

Member Data Documentation

◆ blksize

const uint64_t XrdEc::ObjCfg::blksize

◆ chunksize

const uint64_t XrdEc::ObjCfg::chunksize

◆ datasize

const uint64_t XrdEc::ObjCfg::datasize

◆ digest

uint32_t(* XrdEc::ObjCfg::digest) (uint32_t, void const *, size_t)

Referenced by XrdEc::WrtBuff::Encode(), and ObjCfg().

◆ dtacgi

std::vector<std::string> XrdEc::ObjCfg::dtacgi

Referenced by GetDataUrl().

◆ mdtacgi

std::vector<std::string> XrdEc::ObjCfg::mdtacgi

Referenced by GetMetadataUrl().

◆ nbchunks

const uint8_t XrdEc::ObjCfg::nbchunks

◆ nbdata

const uint8_t XrdEc::ObjCfg::nbdata

◆ nbparity

const uint8_t XrdEc::ObjCfg::nbparity

◆ nomtfile

bool XrdEc::ObjCfg::nomtfile

◆ obj

const std::string XrdEc::ObjCfg::obj

Referenced by GetDataUrl(), and GetMetadataUrl().

◆ paritysize

const uint64_t XrdEc::ObjCfg::paritysize

◆ plgr

std::vector<std::string> XrdEc::ObjCfg::plgr

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