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XrdSecLoadSecurity.hh File Reference
#include "XrdSec/XrdSecInterface.hh"
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XrdSecGetProt_t XrdSecLoadSecFactory (char *eBuff, int eBlen, const char *seclib=0)
int XrdSecGetProtection (XrdSecProtect *&protP, XrdSecProtocol &aprot, ServerResponseBody_Protocol &resp, unsigned int resplen)
XrdSecServiceXrdSecLoadSecService (XrdSysError *eDest, const char *cfn, const char *seclib=0, XrdSecGetProt_t *getP=0, XrdSecProtector **proP=0)

Function Documentation

◆ XrdSecGetProtection()

int XrdSecGetProtection ( XrdSecProtect *&  protP,
XrdSecProtocol aprot,
ServerResponseBody_Protocol resp,
unsigned int  resplen 

Obtain an instance of a security protection object based on the kXR_protocol response. This is only used client-side.

protPPlace where the protection object point is placed.
aprotUses the authentication protocol to protect requests. It must be supplied and must be he protocol the client used for authentication. Hence, authentication must occur first.
respReference to the response body returned by kXR_protocol.
resplenLength of the response body.
>0 pointer to the protect object placed in protP.
=0 No protection is needed, protP set to zero.
<0 An error occurred getting the protection object the return value is -errno and protP has been set to zero.

◆ XrdSecLoadSecFactory()

XrdSecGetProt_t XrdSecLoadSecFactory ( char *  eBuff,
int  eBlen,
const char *  seclib = 0 

This include file defines utility functions that load the security framework plugin specialized for server-side or client-side use. These functions are public and remain ABI stable! Load the Security Protocol Factory (used client-side)

eBuffPointer to a buffer tat is to receive any messages. Upon failure it will contain an eror message. Upon success it will contain an informational message that describes the version that was loaded.
eBlenThe length of the eBuff, it should be at least 1K to avoid message truncation as the message may have a path.
seclibPointer to the shared library path that contains the framework implementation. If a nill pointer is passed, then the default library is used.
!0 Pointer to the to XrdSegGetProtocol() function is returned. returned in getP if it is not nil.
=0 The security frmaework could not be loaded. The error message describing the problem is in eBuff.

◆ XrdSecLoadSecService()

XrdSecService * XrdSecLoadSecService ( XrdSysError eDest,
const char *  cfn,
const char *  seclib = 0,
XrdSecGetProt_t getP = 0,
XrdSecProtector **  proP = 0