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XrdOucCacheIO Class Referenceabstract

#include <XrdOucCache.hh>

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struct  aprParms

Public Member Functions

virtual long long FSize ()=0
virtual const char * Path ()=0
virtual int Read (char *Buffer, long long Offset, int Length)=0
virtual int ReadV (const XrdOucIOVec *readV, int n)
virtual int Sync ()=0
virtual int Trunc (long long Offset)=0
virtual int Write (char *Buffer, long long Offset, int Length)=0
virtual XrdOucCacheIOBase ()
virtual XrdOucCacheIODetach ()
virtual bool ioActive ()
virtual void Preread (long long Offset, int Length, int Opts=0)
virtual void Preread (aprParms &Parms)
virtual ~XrdOucCacheIO ()

Public Attributes

XrdOucCacheStats Statistics

Static Public Attributes

static const int SingleUse = 0x0001

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual XrdOucCacheIO::~XrdOucCacheIO ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual XrdOucCacheIO* XrdOucCacheIO::Base ( )
virtual XrdOucCacheIO* XrdOucCacheIO::Detach ( )
virtual long long XrdOucCacheIO::FSize ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool XrdOucCacheIO::ioActive ( )
virtual const char* XrdOucCacheIO::Path ( )
pure virtual
virtual void XrdOucCacheIO::Preread ( long long  Offset,
int  Length,
int  Opts = 0 
virtual void XrdOucCacheIO::Preread ( aprParms Parms)
virtual int XrdOucCacheIO::Read ( char *  Buffer,
long long  Offset,
int  Length 
pure virtual

Referenced by ReadV().

virtual int XrdOucCacheIO::ReadV ( const XrdOucIOVec readV,
int  n 

References Read().

virtual int XrdOucCacheIO::Sync ( )
pure virtual
virtual int XrdOucCacheIO::Trunc ( long long  Offset)
pure virtual
virtual int XrdOucCacheIO::Write ( char *  Buffer,
long long  Offset,
int  Length 
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

const int XrdOucCacheIO::SingleUse = 0x0001
XrdOucCacheStats XrdOucCacheIO::Statistics

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